What made Walter White pick up traits?

Walter White picked up traits from his father. His father was a criminal and Walter learned how to be a criminal from him. He also learned how to lie, cheat, and steal from his father. These skills helped Walter become the drug kingpin known as "The Chemist" on Breaking Bad.

Was it a conscious decision?

Walter White, the protagonist of AMC's Breaking Bad, is a fascinating character. He is intelligent and resourceful, but he also has a dark side that emerges when he starts cooking meth. One of the things that makes Walter so interesting is his ability to pick up traits from people around him. In this 400-word guide, we'll explore how Walter White picks up traits and how it helps him in his criminal career.

One of the first things that Walter White does when he starts cooking meth is to learn from his mentor, Jesse Pinkman. Jesse is a talented cook who has been in and out of prison for drug trafficking. He teaches Walter how to make meth using an old school method called "the shake." This involves mixing chemicals together in a pot and then shaking them until they form a slurry. The shake method is more difficult than using modern methods like vacuum distillation, but it produces better quality methamphetamine because it produces less waste products.

Jesse also teaches Walter about other aspects of the drug trade. For example, he tells him about buyers and sellers who can help him get product into the marketplaces where it will be most profitable. Jesse also teaches Walter how to avoid getting caught by law enforcement officials. This knowledge comes in handy later on when Walt becomes involved in illegal activity himself.

Another important lesson that Jesse imparts on Walt is about loyalty . When Walt first meets Jesse, he's skeptical of him because he's seen all too often what happens to people who cross Jesse Pinkman: They get hurt or killed . But over time Walt learns to trust Jesse with his life , which proves crucial during their time working together as cooks for Gus Fring . Gus was one of the biggest players in the methamphetamine trade and was known for being ruthless with those who crossed him . But even though Gus was dangerous , Walt never hesitated to help Jesse if there were any problems brewing at work . In fact, one of the reasons why Gus decided to kill Walt was because he felt that Walt had become too loyal to Jesse .

All these lessons - about making meth using an old school method; learning about buyers and sellers; being loyal ; and avoiding trouble - have helped Walters become one of the most successful drug dealers in history .

What were the traits he picked up?

Walter White picked up many traits during his time as a drug lord. He was able to be ruthless and efficient in his business dealings, which helped him become one of the most successful drug lords in Albuquerque. He also developed a strong work ethic, which allowed him to stay ahead of the competition for years. Finally, Walter White became known for his discretion and ability to keep a low profile, which helped him avoid detection from law enforcement.

Did any of the traits contradict each other?

Walter White, the protagonist of AMC's Breaking Bad, is a fascinating character. He is intelligent and resourceful, but he also has a number of traits that contradict each other. For example, he is often ruthless in his business dealings, but he also shows great compassion for those around him. In this 400-word guide, we will explore some of the ways in which Walter White contradicts himself.

  1. Walter White frequently displays qualities that are typically associated with being ruthless and unemotional. For example, when negotiating a deal with Gus Fring or cooking meth in order to make money, Walter White can be very tough and unyielding. However, he also shows great compassion for those close to him - such as his wife Skyler and son Walt Jr. - even going so far as to risk his own life for them on multiple occasions.
  2. Another contradictory trait of Walter White is his willingness to break the law in order to achieve his goals. For example, he cooks meth without a license and smuggles drugs across the US border - both activities that are illegal under US law. Yet despite knowing this fact, WalterWhite continues to do these things anyway because they help him achieve his objectives.
  3. Finally, one of the most striking contradictions about Walter White is his moral compass - or lack thereof. On one hand, he is willing to do anything (including breaking laws) in order to get ahead financially or protect himself and those close to him; on the other hand,.he repeatedly demonstrates strong values such as honesty,, integrity ,and morality .

How did the traits help him survive?

Walter White, the protagonist of AMC's Breaking Bad, was a self-taught chemist who turned to drug trafficking as a way to make money. In order to survive in the dangerous world of drug trafficking, Walter needed to be able to blend in with his peers and avoid getting caught. One key trait that helped him do this was his ability to pick up traits from those around him.

By studying the habits and mannerisms of those he interacted with, Walter was able to learn how to act and dress in order to appear legitimate. This included learning how to speak properly and carry himself with authority, which made him less likely to be noticed by law enforcement or rival dealers. Additionally, by adopting certain attitudes and beliefs, Walter was able to create a persona that reflected his desired lifestyle – one that was criminal but also respectable. By doing this, he was able to build relationships with other criminals and control valuable smuggling routes without being detected. Ultimately, these skills helped Walter stay ahead of the law for over five seasons while building an empire worth millions of dollars.


Walter White, the protagonist of AMC's hit series "Breaking Bad," is a fascinating character. He is a self-made man who has overcome many obstacles in his life. In this article, we will explore some of the traits that make Walter White thrive.

First and foremost, Walter White is determined. From the beginning of his journey, he knows what he wants and sets out to achieve it no matter what obstacles are in his way. This determination leads him to success both professionally and personally.

Second, Walter White is resilient. Despite all the challenges he faces, he never gives up on himself or his dreams. He bounces back from setbacks with renewed energy and determination, which helps him reach his goals.

Third, Walter White is intelligent. He has a sharp mind that allows him to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. This intelligence also enables him to manipulate people easily – something that proves invaluable during his criminal career as drug lord "Heisenberg."

Fourth, Walter White is resourceful. Unlike most people who struggle financially throughout their lives, WalterWhite has learned how to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth and success. This resourcefulness comes in handy not only during his criminal career but also later on when he starts working as a meth cook under the alias "Mr Chips."

Finally, one of the key traits that makes WalterWhite thrive is empathy . He understands other people's feelings and motivations better than anyone else does – which makes him an extremely effective liar and manipulator . Combined with his intelligence , this ability makes him one of the most dangerous characters on television .

Which trait was the most useful to him?

Walter White used intelligence, cunning, and strength to get ahead in the world. He was able to use these traits to outsmart his opponents and take control of the drug business. While some traits were more useful than others, all three were essential for Walter's success.

The least useful?

Walter White is the protagonist of AMC's Breaking Bad. He is a high school chemistry teacher who turns to manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine in order to support his family after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Walt has many traits that are least useful in the world, but they all contribute to his success as a meth kingpin.

  1. Stubbornness: Despite having Stage III lung cancer, Walter refuses conventional treatment and instead uses unconventional methods such as cannabis oil and radiation therapy to try and prolong his life. This stubbornness allows him to survive for years on the streets while building an empire from scratch.
  2. Resourcefulness: Walter finds ways to make money even when he's short on resources, such as cooking meth in his classroom or laundering money through car washes. His resourcefulness helps him build an empire worth millions of dollars, despite starting out with very little capital.
  3. Persistence: When things get tough for Walter, he doesn't give up easily. He continues cooking meth even when it puts him at risk, persists in trying to sell drugs across state lines despite numerous arrests, and never gives up hope that he can turn things around and save his family once again. These qualities help Walter achieve incredible success despite many setbacks along the way.
  4. Intelligence: Walter is extremely intelligent - not only did he become a successful high school chemistry teacher, but he also knows how to run a drug trafficking operation effectively. His intelligence allows him to outsmart law enforcement officials time and time again, which is essential for maintaining control over his empire during difficult times.

Did any of the traits make him unpopular with others?

Walter White picked up a number of traits that made him unpopular with others. He was often impatient, demanding, and unyielding. He also had a short temper and could be very cruel. In addition, he was known for being dishonest and untrustworthy. Finally, he had little respect for other people's property or their rights. All of these factors combined to make Walter White an unpopular man in the world.

With his family?

Walter White is a man who has had to overcome many obstacles in his life. He was born into a family of drug addicts and he had to work hard to provide for them. Walter also had to learn how to fend for himself, as his parents were often too busy using drugs or alcohol to take care of him. As Walter grew older, he began to pick up some traits that would help him in his future endeavors. First and foremost, Walter is determined and resourceful. He has a strong work ethic and never gives up on anything. Additionally, Walter is able to remain calm under pressure and doesn't let things get him down. Finally, Walter is able to stay focused on what's important in life - namely, getting ahead and providing for his family - even when the odds are against him. all these qualities make Walter an excellent businessperson and criminal mastermind.

His friends? Co-workers? Enemies?

Walter White is a complex and intriguing character. He has many friends, co-workers, and enemies. In this guide, we will explore some of the traits that make Walter White such an interesting person.

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