How can I get an $800 credit from AT&T?

There are a few ways to get an $800 credit from AT&T. You can either sign up for a new phone plan, or use your existing phone and add additional lines. You can also get a credit if you switch to AT&T from another carrier. Finally, you can get a credit if you make large purchases with AT&T such as phones, tablets, or data plans.If you're looking to save money on your next phone plan, be sure to check out our monthly deals page. There are often discounts available on select plans that qualify for our loyalty program as well.

What do I need to do to qualify for the $800 credit?

To qualify for the $800 credit, you must have an active at&t wireless account and be in good standing. You must also have completed at least one qualifying bill cycle within the past 12 months. Once you meet these requirements, simply contact customer service to request a credit limit increase. If approved, your new credit limit will appear on your account statement.

Is the $800 credit a one-time or recurring thing?

The $800 credit is a one-time thing.

How long does the $800 credit last?

The $800 credit at AT&T lasts for 36 months. After that, the credit will expire and you will have to pay back the full amount.

Can I use the $800 credit toward my bill, phone purchase, or both?

At&t offers a $800 credit that can be used toward your bill, phone purchase, or both. The credit is good for one year and can be used in addition to other discounts and promotions. You must first activate the credit by calling customer service and providing your account number, name, and date of birth. After activation, the credit will appear on your next billing statement. You are not required to use all of the $800 credit at once; you can use it as you see fit over the course of a year.

If I have more than one AT&T line, can each line get the $800 credit?

Yes, each line can get the $800 credit. However, you will need to call AT&T and ask them how to take advantage of the offer. You may also be able to find information on their website.

Do I need to sign up for anything specific to receive the $800 credit?

No, you do not need to sign up for anything specific to receive the $800 credit. The $800 credit is available to all AT&T wireless customers who have an active account and meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have a qualifying wireless service plan and be current on your payments in order to receive the credit. Additionally, you must be an AT&T customer who has been a U.S. resident for at least 30 days prior to applying for the credit. Finally, you must maintain your qualifying service plan throughout the entire six-month period following your application date.

Once I receive the $800 credit, how do I redeem it?

To redeem the $800 credit, you will need to visit a participating at&t store and purchase an eligible device. You can find a list of eligible devices on at&t's website. Once you have purchased the device, bring it to an at&t store and present your receipt to receive your $800 credit.

What if I don't want the $800 credit? Can I opt out?

If you do not want the $800 credit, there are a few ways to opt out. You can call customer service and ask to have the credit removed from your account or you can mail in a form requesting that the credit be canceled. If you do not take any action within 30 days of receiving the offer letter, AT&T will automatically apply the credit to your account.

Are there any catches with receiving this $800 credit from AT&T? i.e., will my rates go up after a certain period of time, etc.?

There are no catches with receiving this $800 credit from AT&T. However, there is a limit of one $800 credit per account. Additionally, the credit must be used within 12 months of being issued and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Finally, the credit is only available to new and existing AT&T wireless customers who have not had their service cancelled or suspended in the past six months.

Is there a limit on how many people can receive this $800 credit from AT&T?

Yes, there is a limit of four people per household. You can also only receive the $800 credit once per year.

$ 800 seems like a lot of money... how did AT&T come up with that number specifically as their credits amount ? and 13.#13 Why is AT&T offering this credits in the first place ?

AT&T came up with the $800 credit amount specifically because it is a large sum of money. They believe that this will encourage people to switch to AT&T and use their services more often. Additionally, they are hoping that this will help them retain customers who may be looking for other options. Finally, the credits can also be used towards phone or internet service purchases.

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